Taking the Lead for ITI’s Policy Priorities

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One of the distinguishing features of ITI is the collaborative way our member companies engage to develop, decide, and execute on our policy priorities.  The focal point for discussion and deliberation of our policy agenda is ITI’s monthly Government Relations Committee (GRC) meeting.  These meetings are always informative and, at times, lively (after all, we represent the tech industry).  As with all of our policy committees at ITI, the Government Relations Committee is chaired by a member-company representative, who takes an active role with ITI staff in setting the meeting agenda and executing on action items.

This year, the ITI GRC will have both a Chair and a Vice Chair, and ITI and our member companies are fortunate that these leadership posts will be filled by two thoughtful and innovative policy advocates.  

Michael Dabbs, Director of Government Affairs at Applied Materials, will take the gavel as Chair of the ITI GRC.  Before leading Applied Materials’ government affairs activities, Michael was the lead advocate on energy, trade, and telecommunications issues here at ITI.  Michael is a Capitol Hill veteran, including service as the Legislative Director for Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Wash., and as the Co-Staff Director for the U.S.-China Working Group, a 60-member, bipartisan organization within the House of Representatives that focused on policy issues that would advance a strong bilateral relationship between the two nations.

Serving as Vice Chair is Brian Jones, Director of Government Relations and Public Policy for Ericsson, Inc.  Brian brings experience from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, as well as both sides of Capitol Hill.  He served in the administration of President George W. Bush, and also served in the Senate for Susan Collins, R-Maine, and the legendary Bob Dole, R-Kan., and in the House of Representatives for Rep. Mac Collins, R-Ga.  Brian’s experience as a tech advocate began with Dell Inc. – another ITI member.

In addition to leading our GRC activities, Michael and Brian will be two of our leading voices on our policy priorities for the 113th Congress.  Their combined experience and their passion for technology will certainly help to raise greater awareness of our industry with policymakers.  They will help us to better align public policies to ensure ours is an industry that is growing, innovating, and creating jobs here in the U.S., and competing and succeeding in global markets.

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