Immigration Reform: Making America Stronger

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With members of Congress back in their districts for the August recess, many are hearing from their constituents and thinking through when and how the House of Representatives should move forward on immigration reform.  Republican members in particular are having important conversations with voters in their districts on what immigration reform means in their communities and states.

And while the debate has changed over the years, the fundamental values that shape our thinking on immigration are same.  Even after leaving office 25 years ago, the guidepost for Republican thought on most public policy issues is clear: “What does President Reagan have to say about the issue?”

For those who don’t remember the 1980s so well (or may not have even been born), our nation’s most innovative companies, as members of the Tech CEO Council, ITI and other tech coalition partners, just released a web video that answers the above question with help from our 40th President himself.

President Reagan understood that immigration reform means a stronger more prosperous America for everyone. Speaking of America as a ‘shining city on a hill’ in his farewell address to the nation he noted “…and if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That's how I saw it and see it still.”

There’s a reason the Gipper was called the Great Communicator.  Through his words can be felt the optimism and can-do spirit of America.  And if you can cut through the noise and heated rhetoric surrounding the immigration reform debate one timeless truth remains:  those who come here work hard to make our economy stronger and our country a better place. 

Check out the web video for yourself here.

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  • shehbaZ singh Tue., June 10, 2:20 PM
    ShehbaZ Singh
  • Maikl Sat., October 5, 8:09 PM
    (cont) I am not saying we suhlod give free everything to people who smoke themselves into an iron lung or drink themselves into needing another liver those are choices people make that they expect other people to be responsible for. No freaking way. But people who are born with downs syndrome so severe that they can not take care of themselves, or CP we suhlod do what we can to make life easier on them, if they can not do things for themselves or need an extreme amount of help. [url=]twtgxnecxz[/url] [link=]ulilxgmbi[/link]
  • Steven Wed., October 2, 6:29 AM
    when you help people who as you say can not help thesemlves you are making them dependant. but when you dont help them they are FORCED to help thesemlves. and then and only then can god help them. i dont know how many 40-50 year old dependant personality types i have seen over the years but it has got to be at least 1000. and none of them were handicapped. they just didnt know how to do a damn thing for thesemlves. its disgusting. and you are enabling them STOP ENABLING THEM!!! [url=]laihzejy[/url] [link=]fycfdbxvid[/link]
  • Candle Wed., October 2, 3:31 AM
    We have such a huge task to overcome as a coutrny. The mutli-headed monster that the for-profit health care industry has become seems like it just wants more and more out of the American people.We can no longer stand by as individuals and let this monster control and dictate every aspect of our personal health and wellness.Maybe it's time we look to our great countries forefathers and take a piece out of their book.What happenned to, When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. Maybe its time we draft the Declaration of Health Care Reform and break the stronghold that the the monster has on us as a coutrny. We need to rise up and let our voices be heard as the people of the United States of American, and reclaim our position as the world leader in health care and technology and science. Bring on this Great Britian of modern times. We shall prove once we will overcome and regain our voice. [url=]tnwwmvmtx[/url] [link=]effxzy[/link]
  • Rudraraju Tue., October 1, 11:55 PM
    True health care refrom will have to come from the bottom up (greassroots)and may very well require a revolution of sorts.But we must start with the system we have. Become an activist: call your Senators and Congressmen daily and get everyone you know to do the same.I really like your idea of a Declaration of Health Care Reform.'
  • Susan Tue., October 1, 2:35 PM
    The US is the only 1st world nation wuitoht universal healthcare, the US also pays 2 times more per person for healthcare then anyone else, and the US is behind all 1st world and many developing countries for quality of heathcare. Any way you look at it universal healthcare is better.
  • Sandeep Tue., October 1, 6:33 AM
    Its a simple anewsr. Name 1 conservative republican, Pres Reagan was a conservative, so was Jessie Helms, but name 1 today that is. Not one that says they are a conservative. Definitely not one that the media says is a conservative, to the media anyone that's a republican is a conservative. But one that really is a conservative, I can not think of any, at least there are no conservatives republicans in either the House, Senate, nor any of the Governors. That is why, although I am very conservative, I am not a republican, because the republicans are liberal, just not as liberal as the democrats.
  • Viktor Mon., September 30, 9:50 AM
    USA debt now 16 trillion and goinrwg fast! Obama has increased USA debt by almost 6 trillion in a record 4 years?! Without some serious fiscal reform the USA will go bust. I'd vote Romney, if I were American! Its right to fire Obama for having failed America in so many ways.
  • Albert Sun., September 29, 9:42 AM
    That's a very interesting postiion, as a non-american I find it difficult to understand. America comes across as an extremely patriotic nation but then many share your view which asks why you should be responsible for other Americans health. Could you tell me why for example you might feel it acceptable to educate fellow Americans with your taxes but not to keep them healthy?
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