Focusing on High-Skilled Immigration Reform


Right after the President’s speech in Las Vegas today, ITI’s Dean Garfield was on Bloomberg TV with the Cato Institute’s Alex Nowrasteh and Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols.  While a host tried to put Dean and Alex at odds with each other, it turns out that they agree on many of the bipartisan proposals put forward in the last couple of days.  

You can watch the interview on the Bloomberg TV website.

Highlights will follow soon.

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  • Yan Wed., March 27, 9:27 PM
    The Republican Establishment that put Daddy Bush and his son into the White House started dying with with jrounis poll numbers, around 2005-06TEA got it onto life support after the dems had it dead and buried in 2008... without TEA there would no longer be a viable GOP- Jeb still has friends in Florida and in the old establishment...Outside of that, well folks finally figured out it was his daddy who started the process of surrendering our sovereignty to the UN among other things..Hell I blasted Jeb this morning in a education blog.. He and Obama are both supported by Gates..BTW Later this afternoon I'll be making an announcement later that could have a positive effect on border security
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