CISPA Is Key Issue in Congress, and a Key Priority for ITI

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Today, the House of Representatives renewed its work on cybersecurity with a series of votes on bipartisan proposals to enhance and improve U.S. cyber defenses.  At the heart of this debate is the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), offered by the Republican and Democratic leaders of the House Intelligence Committee -- Chairman Mike Rogers of Michigan and Ranking Member C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland. 

CISPA is an innovation-first cybersecurity policy approach that will best protect the nation’s citizens, economy, and security.  At its core, the legislation establishes a more effective cyber threat information sharing approach that breaks down the barriers to industry-government communication, protects personal privacy, and avoids an inflexible and overbearing approach that could decrease, not increase, security.  

The vote on CISPA is essential to a more robust cybersecurity network for U.S. citizens, businesses, and government alike.  It is so critical that ITI has informed the House bipartisan leadership that the vote on final passage could be a part of the tech sector’s rankings of members’ votes.

The tech sector has long defended America’s cyberspace, and will continue to lead efforts to develop a robust, innovative cyber shield.  Through our products, practices, R&D, and partnership with government, the tech sector has provided leadership, resources, innovation, and stewardship in every aspect of cybersecurity for more than a decade.  We’ll continue to work to strengthen America’s protections with effective, innovative strategies that rely on rapid response by companies and the federal government to threats in real time.  House approval of CISPA would accelerate the overall effort to strengthen cyber protections for our country’s national security and our citizens’ personal security.

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  • Alisha Sat., December 21, 11:00 AM
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  • Zbigniew Tue., December 17, 2:57 AM
    U.S. global adcocavy on this issue is complicated somewhat by the false perception that Internet freedom it is at odds with domestic cyber security measures and the protection of American intellectual property. I would hardly call that false. In some areas, copyright law is too stiff and thus stifles creativity. For example, look at video remixes, sampling, and more importantly mashups. All three tend to bring new meaning out of old work, thus often protected by Fair Use, but there are many times, and in some countries such as Germany, where Fair Use and Freedom are at risk. For instance, look at the huge mess around the Obama Hope image, which was entirely a case of Fair Use versus Greed. The image was distorted to a sense of creating a whole entire new meaning (a meaning that some feel is partially responsible for his Presidential victory), yet it was still under attack. Also, look at music and film from the 1940 s and 1950 s which is still under copyright at the cost of creativity through the less radical remixing and renovating of such pieces; they had their time to shine and cash in for over 50 years. It's a crime to humanity to deprive historical and cultural pieces such as Metropolis and older Hitchcock or some older Delta Blues from the public domain.
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